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"I just want to say how great it is that you are doing this. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn!!" Tom N.

"Shalom, I have been a member for around a year, and I really do enjoy the books you send me, and it has helped me great deal to know more about the Jewish heritage and faith." Jacob N.

"Thank you for allowing me a complimentary book." Florence F.

"I have been enjoying the books. I started getting them free, then I (for the first time this month sent some money) I felt like I was taking advantage, I love the books and I have found a new love. I have always known I was jewish. but live in an area where there is no jews... thank you for the books!!"  Gina L.

"Hi I think this is a fantastic idea" Julia S.

"I just ordered our first book and I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the opportuntiy to receive more knowledge that I know will help us in our journey. We have such a thirst to know all that we can about Judaism and our G-d. Shalom and thanks again." Pat S.
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