Jewish Philosophy

Works of Jewish Philosophy and Theology

  • The Committed Life

    The Committed Life

    Principles of good living from our timeless past

    Author : Esther Jungreis
  • Ethics of Our Fathers

    Ethics of Our Fathers

    This is a book of ethics, honesty, and advice written by our holy Sages and applicable to our modern lives

    Author : Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz
  • A Letter For The Ages

    A Letter For The Ages

    The great Ramban (Nachmanides) sent this letter to his son as a blueprint for an ethical life

    Author : The Ramba”n
  • A Guide To Jewish Outlook

    A Guide To Jewish Outlook

    A Guide to Torah Hashkofoh [Outlook] with Questions and Answers on Judaism

    Author : Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz
  • Living Each Day

    Living Each Day

    LIVING EACH DAY provides an inspirational message and an appropriate prayer for every single day of the year, in a convenient daily calendar format with room for daily notes. They are perfect companions for daily doses of strength and thought.

    Author : Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D.
  • Loving Kindness

    Loving Kindness

    Author : Shiurim of R’ Fishel Schachter Based on the Teaching of the Chofetz Chaim
  • Let There Be Rain

    Let There Be Rain

    A Lesson A day on making Gratitude a part of our lives

    Author : Rabbis Shimon Finkelman and Zechariah Wallerstein