Jewish Basics

These books are hand-picked to help a reader understand some of the basics of Judaism

  • Tzitzith


    The link between the daily commandment to wear tzitzith and the ability of man to reach towards G-d.

    Author : Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
  • Guide to Jewish Law

    Guide to Jewish Law

    A Guide to Basic Principles of Jewish Law and Their Applications in Theory and in Practice

    Author : Rabbi Mordechai Katz
  • A Guide To Jewish Outlook

    A Guide To Jewish Outlook

    A Guide to Torah Hashkofoh [Outlook] with Questions and Answers on Judaism

    Author : Rabbi Eliezer Gevirtz
  • The Concise Book Of Mitzvoth

    The Concise Book Of Mitzvoth

    Author : The Chofetz Chaim
  • Understanding Judaism

    Understanding Judaism

    A Basic Guide To Jewish Faith, History, And Practice

    Author : Rabbi Mordechai Katz
  • The Midrash Says-Shemos

    The Midrash Says-Shemos

    Part of the Five-Volume Series Centers around the exodus from Egypt and the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) Illustrations of the priestly garments and of the Mishkan are included

    Author : Rabbi Moshe Weissman
  • The Medrash Says- Vayikra

    The Medrash Says- Vayikra

    Parts of the Five-Volume Series Discusses the laws pertaining to the Temple Service in easily understood language

    Author : Rabbi Moshe Weissman
  • The Medrash Says- Bamidbar

    The Medrash Says- Bamidbar

    Part of Five-Volume Series Relates the events that occurred while the Jews wandered in the wilderness

    Author : Rabbi Moshe Weissman
  • The Medrash Says- Devarim

    The Medrash Says- Devarim

    Part of Five-Volume Series Moshe’s parting speech — a fascinating review of the events that transpired under this great prophet’s leadership

    Author : Rabbi Moshe Weissman
  • The Midrash Says- Bereishis

    The Midrash Says- Bereishis

    Describes the lives of the forefathers and of the Twelve Tribes The narrative of the weekly Torah-portion in the perspective of our Sages.

    Author : Rabbi Moshe Weissman