Summer is Here!

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great Independence Day Weekend. Summer is in full swing, and hopefully you all are enjoying the change in seasons. I’d like to share a quick Torah thought. Many times in life we are faced with change, either of our own choosing, or thrust upon us. In Hebrew there is a phrase “Kol HaHatchalot Kashot”, translating to “All beginnings are hard”. It’s just a fundamental truth. But when we think about it, that can be reassuring. You can feel validated that yes, what you are going through is hard. But take heart! This won’t last forever! Things, with the help of Hashem, will get better, especially if you stay positive.

Summer is a time when even Great Rabbis would sometimes take their volumes of the Talmud and learn outside  to appreciate the beautiful world we have been given. Take time to appreciate the beauty all around you, and for anyone going through hard times, may happier times come your way soon! All the best!


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