Passover Prep


Hi Everyone, we are in the Jewish month of Nissan, with just about 2 weeks until Passover. For many of us Passover Preperations are in full swing, with all of the planning of a serious war on chometz. Chometz is the Hebrew word for leaven, and during Passover we remove all chometz from our homes. For many of us we do a deep cleaning of our homes at the same time in honor of the upcoming holiday. However we must keep in mind that dirt is not chometz, and our family is not the Korban Pesach (Passover sacrificial offering). Spring cleaning is lovely, but Passover is a time to be happy, not overwhelmed and exhausted.

This month has a special energy, it is, after all it is the time when the Jewish people were miraculously rescued from Egyptian bondage and made into a Nation. Let’s use this energy not only for cleaning our homes, but also forĀ  getting rid of the “chometz” in our personalities. The negative character trait of arrogance is especially connected to chometz, since they both “puff things up” so to speak. While we vacuum and wash and scrub our homes, let’s remember to try to scrub away our negative traits so we can serve Hashem truthfully, modestly, and joyfully. Happy cleaning Everyone!



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