The Purim Dichotomy

Purim is this week (yay!) and I want to speak a little more about what Purim is, and what it is not. Even though children dress up and get treats, this is not Jewish Halloween. And even though a lot of adults are drinking, it is not Jewish St Pattys day.

Purim is a time to celebrate and thank God through joy. It involves elevating the physical into the spiritual. In contrast, Yom Kippur is about bringing otherworldly spirituality into our daily life. You’ll notice that Purim and Yom Kippur sound similar. Our sages say this is not an accident, that these holidays which are observed in diametrically opposed ways, both bring increased spirituality into our lives. May we see an increase in blessing for ourselves and the whole world!

I hope you enjoy my favorite Purim music video!

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